HISPAJURIS is the main Spanish network of law firms. It is the best established organization of legal services in Spain, with 32 offices and 600 professional distributed throughout the national territory and partly abroad.

This organization was created in 1993, it is an innovative alliance of leading firms offering the clients of the network and of each of the firms (individuals, professionals and companies) an offer of legal services with a wide national and international coverage through coordination and collaboration between the firms.

HISPAJURIS combines the rendering of overall legal services (in various specialties and throughout Spain) and the work philosophy inherent in a traditional law firm such as closeness, flexibility of service and direct treatment between the client and the Managing Attorney of the jurisdiction of the case, legal and professional independence of the attorney, availability of prestigious and well-established firms in all jurisdictions.

The firm LUIS MARCO & POMARES is a member of HISPAJURIS since 2004.